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Lotsha Ministries

Projects or Dreams cannot happen without people who are passionate enough to play their part.

Volunteers are vital for the success of each of these projects and applicable training will be provided where necessary.

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Christmascards Addiction

Ukuphula Iketanga

Breaking the Chains of bondage, and allowing Christ’s Light to flood in.  A series of programs under this brand to help those who are hurting. Prison is not always a wall and barb wire - there are other types of “prison”


Christmas Card Project

The Purpose & Hope

To enable inmates to communicate with loved one, members of their family, or a friend over the Christian festive season. to encourage reconciliation between the inmate and his/her family and friends.


Drug Addiction Support

Research shows that as high as 70% of crime is drug or addiction related. We have become more directly involved in preventative actions and are have recently started an Addiction Support Groups in the community and prisons.More

Community Letter Writing


Working in the communities of South Africa is always a special experience.  Different cultures, ethnic groups and PEOPLE is what makes it unique. Thankfully, we are all different yet are told that we “are all made in His image”.


Projects for the community

There are many opportunities to make a difference by offering training, skills development and most importantly, to share with one another. We have built a creche in Diepsloot, JHB using ex-offenders to help with reconciliation.


Letter Writing

To send a letter Is a good way to Go somewhere Without moving Anything, but Your heart. Many prisoners have no contact from the outside world and a letter from someone they do not know may be their only external communication. More