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Lotsha Ministries

To send a letter Is a good way to

Go somewhere Without moving

Anything, but Your heart


The Apostle Paul mastered the art of long-distance loving by staying in touch with new Christians through letters.   The written word is tangible, permanent and meaningful and letters are something that you can go back to again and again.  

Here are some insights into writing to inmates.  This project has run for some years now, with letters going  to inmates around the country and overseas.  We hope that this will inspire you to become interested in this particular ministry.

As technology has entered a stage where, in may respects it is highly sophisticated, yet, strangely enough, it takes longer and longer to accomplish many simple tasks and get places because of electrical problems, traffic problems, the influence of TV stealing time from our lives, and the complexity of clawing our way through the jungle of modern living.   Therefore, the art of letter writing may return to its rightful place in society and bring sanity back into an insane world.

Would you like to become  a pen-pal to someone in prison -

                                                                                     email us, from the box here


        We have tried to give you useful information on writing guidelines which will make the experience of this

letter writing ministry a blessing to you as well as the people you will be corresponding with.


 Many prisoners have no contact from the outside world and a letter from someone they do not know

may be their only external communication.

    Within your church there may be people who would not want to visit prisoners but would write to them.

    The first step is to draw up a list of letter writing volunteers and to train them.

    The second step will be for Lotsha to supply you with a suitable inmate to correspond to.

    Time Commitment – Long term or short term.

    How often?  As often as is practical.

    Use a Post Office Box number.

    Do not give your cell or home telephone numbers.

    Do not visit as it intensifies the relationship.

    Do not send money, phone cards, toiletries, or clothes

    Literacy level - Simple English

    Write about Everyday life & things

    Choose interesting paper

    Be prayerful

    Communicate your faith.  Don’t use bible verses

    Letter Writing relationship usually ends when the prisoner leaves prison

    Use a pen name (nom de plume) if your name is very distinguishable

    There may come a time when it is not possible for you to write any more

    There are a number of ways of breaking the letter writing relationship.

     Be aware of the expectations of the inmate and avoid feeding them.

    Maintain your integrity, honesty and moral values

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