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Hope Salvation & Restoration

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Making a difference with the Youth of Africa

Lotsha Ministries Trust

Established in 2002 to initially help men, women & children coming out of prison or places of safety, to be reconciled and

re-united with their families.

Discovering that the problems were much wider than just crime and prison, we have evolved to offering a much wider range of programs and services.

We are a registered NPO, PBO and have BEE certification which all operate under our Trust. We have moved our National

Offices to Parys, in the Free State to be centrally based in the

Country.  We also have offices in 7 African Countries.

Our activities include:-

Prison Ministry

Drug Support/Counselling

Marriage Counselling

Street/Homeless Support

Other courses, covering both  

    Spiritual and Life Skills Development.

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Everyone involved in Lotsha & Ukuphula voluntarily gives of their time and we are thankful for their commitment, loyalty and trust in our work.

We acknowledge our trained volunteers in the field who regularly present courses at prisons, places of safety and in the community, and our partners wherever they may be.


“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”  -  Edmund Burke


Telephone: +27 734438350

Lotsha has been blessed over the years and we have expanded.

Today we are international with associates in numerous African countries


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